Report a racist incident

1) For reporting a racist crime

The following acts are considered a hate crime when there is a racist motive and may be prosecuted under Article 82A of the Penal Code:

  • homicide,
  • bodily harm,
  • rape,
  • incest,
  • sexual misconduct,
  • theft,
  • robbery,
  • arson,
  • damage,
  • insults,
  • threats,
  • domestic disturbance,
  • destruction of private property etc.

Who to contact:

2) For racist incidents carried out by civil servants or police officers

  • Directorate of Internal Affairs of the Hellenic Police (24 hours a day with local charges nationwide): 10301 or 210 8779 700
  • Racist Violence Recording Network (RVRN): 210 7233 216, email: [email protected]
  • The Greek Ombudsman: 213 1306 600 or submit a complaint here


3) For incidents of production or reproduction of xenophobic stereotypes, racist rhetoric / hate speech in the media

The National Council for Radio and Television: 213-1502390 or file a complaint here.

A Guide for reporting hate crime available in 11 different languages


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